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MCA Course in Delhi | MCA admission (Online and Ofline)

MCA Course in Delhi

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Course in Delhi, is a Three year degree course. Computer Applications is a use of a computer to solve a problem or to achieve a particular job. This course is designed to meet up with the demand for qualified professionals in the IT field. MCA

MCA Course in Delhi Admission 

  • Passage Test-a few universities give placement test to confirmation in course,. Advising is directed for situate distribution in various schools under that college. 
  • Coordinate Admission-confirmations with Direct route is based on justify list. A few establishments or universities likewise give affirmation on administration amount, which is additionally a method for coordinate confirmation. 
  • Be that as it may, now get immediate entrance into college.

MCA Course in Delhi Syllabus

1Fundamentals of IT
Programming in C
Discrete Mathematics
Computer Organization
Data and File Structures
Object-Oriented Programming in C++
Operating Systems
Database Management Systems
Software Engineering

Fundamentals of IT Lab
Programming in C Lab
Computer Organization Lab
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ Lab
Database Management Systems Lab
Software Engineering Lab

2Theory of Computation
Computer Graphics
Java Programming
Data Communications and Networking
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Computer Networks
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Web Technologies
Computer Graphics Lab
Java Programming Lab
C # Programing Lab
Data Communications and Networking Lab
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lab
Computer Networks Lab
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
Web Technologies Lab
3Linux Programming
Software Testing
Enterprise Computing with Java
Electives 1, 2
Linux Programming Lab
Software Testing Lab
Enterprise Computing with Java Lab
Lab-based on Elective – I

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